SPRINTEC® is revolutionary new patented insole foam , designed to be lightweight , durable while providing superior energy return benefits that relieve muscle fatigue.
    The new Micro-Cellular Polyurethane Foam with outstanding breathability and moisture wicking properties. POLITEC® has a combination of features not found in any existing foams in the market. When compared to the leading shock absorbing foam, POLITEC® rates number one.
    A new soft resilient foam that offers complete 100% breathable and almost to no compression set. JUMPEC® provides a soft cushy ride that will give your customers the “AAHHH” for the life of the shoe.
    Ultra-lightweight materials FEATHER STEP®, it is very different from traditional PU insole and Latex insole, innovative and exclusive foaming, makes FEATHER STEP® insole more lightweight than others, also provide distinctive wear feeling. For someone who would like pursuit of lightweight wearing, this material will be
    IMPRINT® is a kind of “slow recovery” memory foam which can conform the shape of the foot and return its original form.It can be combined with POLIYOU® and molded to take a shape providing long lasting and shock absorbing benefits.
    POLIMAX® makes insole odor-free, anti-bacterial, breathable and perspiration-free and it keeps your feet dry and comfortable.
    POLISPORT® is combined by several high density molecule, Polyether and environment-friendly MDI , through high speed mixing and PU compounding , POLISPORT® has special functions of high density, excellent resilience, breathable and wicks moisture; also we can add recycled material from PU, Plastic and Tire….etc.
    The kinds of hi-tech macromolecules are applied with eco-friendly, non- toxic MDI foaming technique which makes the URBAN BOUNCER remarkable and excellent in many aspects. The Features goods comparison, the better breathability, water-washable, softness and elasticity.