POLIYOU® is patented open cell foam which continues to bring comfort to millions of customers of the most famous branded footwear companies worldwide.
    POLI-CORK® combines the natural benefits of “natural cork” which has been associated with comfort footwear. With the performance benefits of POLIYOU®.
    Bamboo charcoal is an environmental friendly material after high temperature carbonization process. BAMBOO POLIYOU® is combined with POLIYOU® and has remarkable value of bacteriostatic. Moreover BAMBOO POLIYOU® has the abilities to release negative ions and clean the odor trapped inside the shoes quickly.
    Electrostatic Discharge(ESD) POLIYOU® event occurs simply when people walk across the floor. Static electricity is generated as shoe soles contact and then separate from the floor surface.
    WATER RESISTANT POLIYOU® is produced by the innovation unique technology, the traditional nonwicking PU sponge is compound based on TDI, we give up TDI change to MDI to offer more safety work place to labors.
    BIO-ECO NU-POLI® is produced by the recycled PU foam , we collect the waste from our manufacture , then we proceed the PU compound to mix the 70% recycled PU foam and 30% virgin PU foam to be the BIO-ECO NU-POLI® , the benefits of BIO-ECO NU-POLI® are same as POLIYOU®, but have better price.
    WINPAD® is a recycle foam from POLIYOU® , The benefits are same as POLIYOU®, but have better price. If your budget is limited and you are also looking for an excellent material , WINPAD® will be a good choice for you !!