The kinds of hi-tech macromolecules are applied with eco-friendly, non- toxic MDI foaming technique which makes the URBAN BOUNCER remarkable and excellent in many aspects. The Features goods comparison, the better breathability, water-washable, softness and elasticity.
    WINPAD® is a recycle foam from POLIYOU® , The benefits are same as POLIYOU®, but have better price. If your budget is limited and you are also looking for an excellent material , WINPAD® will be a good choice for you !!
    BIO-ECO NU-POLI® is produced by the recycled PU foam , we collect the waste from our manufacture , then we proceed the PU compound to mix the 70% recycled PU foam and 30% virgin PU foam to be the BIO-ECO NU-POLI® , the benefits of BIO-ECO NU-POLI® are same as POLIYOU®, but have better price.
    WATER RESISTANT POLIYOU® is produced by the innovation unique technology, the traditional nonwicking PU sponge is compound based on TDI, we give up TDI change to MDI to offer more safety work place to labors.
    Electrostatic Discharge(ESD) POLIYOU® event occurs simply when people walk across the floor. Static electricity is generated as shoe soles contact and then separate from the floor surface.
    Bamboo charcoal is an environmental friendly material after high temperature carbonization process. BAMBOO POLIYOU® is combined with POLIYOU® and has remarkable value of bacteriostatic. Moreover BAMBOO POLIYOU® has the abilities to release negative ions and clean the odor trapped inside the shoes quickly.
    POLI-CORK® combines the natural benefits of “natural cork” which has been associated with comfort footwear. With the performance benefits of POLIYOU®.
    POLIYOU® is patented open cell foam which continues to bring comfort to millions of customers of the most famous branded footwear companies worldwide.
    SPRINTEC® is revolutionary new patented insole foam , designed to be lightweight , durable while providing superior energy return benefits that relieve muscle fatigue.
    The new Micro-Cellular Polyurethane Foam with outstanding breathability and moisture wicking properties. POLITEC® has a combination of features not found in any existing foams in the market. When compared to the leading shock absorbing foam, POLITEC® rates number one.
    A new soft resilient foam that offers complete 100% breathable and almost to no compression set. JUMPEC® provides a soft cushy ride that will give your customers the “AAHHH” for the life of the shoe.
    Ultra-lightweight materials FEATHER STEP®, it is very different from traditional PU insole and Latex insole, innovative and exclusive foaming, makes FEATHER STEP® insole more lightweight than others, also provide distinctive wear feeling. For someone who would like pursuit of lightweight wearing, this material will be
    IMPRINT® is a kind of “slow recovery” memory foam which can conform the shape of the foot and return its original form.It can be combined with POLIYOU® and molded to take a shape providing long lasting and shock absorbing benefits.
    POLIMAX® makes insole odor-free, anti-bacterial, breathable and perspiration-free and it keeps your feet dry and comfortable.
    POLISPORT® is combined by several high density molecule, Polyether and environment-friendly MDI , through high speed mixing and PU compounding , POLISPORT® has special functions of high density, excellent resilience, breathable and wicks moisture; also we can add recycled material from PU, Plastic and Tire….etc.
    FOAMUTECH® breaks away from the PU compound concept and previous and activation the waste material to produce another unique product that meets bulding and floors market needs.