Research and development
POLIYOU ® series of products are widely used by well-known footwear brands, and we are proud to provide services with all designers.
We help designers develop more high-quality and more characteristics to the footwear products.
  • Step1
    Requirement needs
    Whether you are a shoe factory or developer and designers, we value your needs,our good products will be born in your creativity.
  • Step2
    Feasibility Evaluation
    For your creative needs, our R & D team can help and research with possible capabilities to provide you with the most complete insoles information and recommendations.
  • Step3
    Development to send samples
    Provide the existing material or custom works,to assist you of what you need
  • Step4
    Mass production
    Quality maintenance, capacity, sales to maintain the most stable service quality, so you have the most stable supply guarantee.
  • Step5
    Production contact
    Confirmation of delivery, batch, freight, related documents, contracts.