POLIYOU® Material Features
Patented foam technology: POLIYOU® break through the traditional PU foaming method, making POLIYOU® more physical than traditional PU

POLIYOU® brand is made by Kun Huang Enterprise Founded In 1987,we developed an superior compression set, breathable, excellent cushion, anti-bacterial foam structure.

We obtain the registration of multi-national patents and trademarks. POLIYOU ® have marketing more than 36 countries around the world, many brands of shoes are now using POLIYOU ® product.

  • High breathability
    POLIYOU® uses 100% open cell permeability test using CNS 1357CNS, 12915-6.27 specification
  • Anti-bacterial and fungus
    POLIYOU ® unique manufacturing methods, can be fully integrated with the antibacterial raw material foam, to achieve long-term anti-bacterial and anti-mildew effect, We using ASTM G21 for mildew test.
  • High water absorption
    POLIYOU® water absorption test up to 475% by using CNS 7819 specification
  • Anti-Static, conductive/ESD
    ESD POLIYOU® material has a good anti-static function
  • Compression set
    POLIYOU® Material Compression ratio Less than 25% Compression test method using CNS 3560 (50 ± 1 ° × 6Hr)
  • Control odor
    POLIYOU® material has the ability of Ammonia, which can effectively reduce the foot odor caused by shoes, tested by SGS method
  • Good workability
    POLIYOU® material is easy to use and manufacture with other materials, and can customize the composite materials specified by the customer, making the product more features.
  • High shock
    POLIYOU® material, provide good shock absorption and rebound function
  • Thermal stability
    POLIYOU® material does not change its properties even at -25 ° C to 250 ° C, making it more advantageous for all types of product development.
  • Customized hardness
    POLIYOU® excellent process capability,according to customer needs to produce different hardness, so that POLIYOU ® material can be applied IN DIFFERENT kinds of products.