• Year 2000
    To open up a potential market, promoting and selling the POLIYOU product to world wide country.
  • Year 1996
    In response to production capacity requirements, We establishment of additional factory2 in Taiwan.
  • Year 1995
    We are issued for one the honorary manufacturers By the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China.
  • year 1989
    contract with the United States the largest shoe design company JV signed an authorized agent POLIYOU® AIR INSOLE marketing in the world with thirty-six countries
  • year 1988
    In response to production capacity requirements, the establishment of Kun-huang Enterprise Co., Ltd. Factory.
  • year 1987
    Developed POLIYOU ® foam breathable shoe materials, made in the Republic of China, and apply for a patent and trademark registration.
  • year 1987
    Established Kun Chyang enterprise co., Ltd.
  • year 1970
    Established Kun-huang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., engaged in PU foam work, sale to shoe-based factory.
  • year 1962
    The establishment of Jinlong shop, engaged in PU foam cutting processing, the main customers for the furniture factory, sofa factory, suitcase factory.